Thermos Water Bottle – Cleaning Guideline For Thermos Water Bottle

Whether you use your thermos bottle for storing water or coffee, it will get dirty in the long run. This is something that you can’t run away from and the earlier you know the best cleaning methods the better for you. It is delicate and demands for maximum caution in handling otherwise it will disintegrate once mishandled. When cleaning a thermos water bottle, you should be very keen on the way you hold it to avoid falling off. In addition to that, it is important that you have knowledge on how the actual cleaning of the thermos is done for ease. Read though this article to learn everything important concerning cleaning of the thermos bottle.

Thermos Water BottleHot water is the best cleaning agent that you can have for your thermos cleaning purposes so keep away from cold or warm water. Equally, there are cleansing tablets and washing detergents which will be necessary for the cleaning purposes. The bottle should be filled with the hot water but not completely full. Then add a tablet into the water and leave it for sometime to soak and dissolve. This might take even hours for the tablet to completely dissolve but it is important you exercise patience. However, this will depend on the type of stains and dirt you are removing. Strong stains will consume a lot of time as compared to soft ones.

Thermos Water BottleAfter that, you can rinse off the thermos using warm clean water and make sure it is thorough. The second way of cleaning your thermos bottle is using the dishwater detergent and hot water. Two table spoons of the detergent are enough to clean the thermos so you must be careful not to use it in excesses. The mixture should be stirred up vigorously until the two components, which are the detergent and hot water, have mixed completely. Depending on the nature of the stains, you can leave it to immerse for a maximum of one hour but that is not the standard time. It can go to more than an hour or below.

As is the norm, you will have to rinse the thermos once all the cleaning is over using warm water. White vinegar is another effective cleaning agent that you can have for washing your dirty thermos water bottle. This forms the third cleaning option which will also include hot water. Two table spoons of vinegar are enough but this one is prolonged since the mixture has to be left for overnight to soak before embarking on the actual cleaning. Cleaning should take place the following day in the morning and rinse well.

Pay more attention to the rinsing bit because if not done properly, the thermos will be left smelling vinegar. Clean and warm running water is the right way to rinse the cleaned bottle and it must be consistent. Crushed ice, lemon juice and coarse salt are also good ways to clean a thermos bottle once mixed together. Notably, hot water is a constant factor in all these cleaning methods discussed.

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